Healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Stephanie Spring


Just in time for the weekend, we have this delicious and healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe from our sweet recipe contributor Stephanie Spring!

This recipe will be your family's new favorite meal to rise and shine to on the weekends! It is the perfect complement to your morning cup of joe.

Check out the full recipe here.

Very Berry Smoothie Bowl with Stephanie Spring


There is nothing more tempting than a yummy smoothie bowl! Our friend Stephanie whipped up this super simple, super tasty, and super healthy Very Berry Smoothie Bowl and topped it with homemade granola!

Of course, there is no better way to dig in to your healthy start to the day than with a jessicaNdesigns Eat Clean spoon! This spoon is also the best for stirring up your regular smoothie and getting those last bites from the bottom of the glass ;)

DIY Grapefruit Lip Scrub with Essential Oils.


I love using my essential oils to make diy sprays, bath bombs and blends so I decided to try my hand at making a lip & body scrub.  It was super easy and I really loved how it turned out!

2017 Thrive Blog Conference


I had the pleasure of attending the Thrive Creative Conference in Houston, Texas this past month. It is always an awesome experience to be with like minded creatives for an entire weekend! There is nothing quite like being around the people who get you & what you do! 

There were so many amazing speakers and boss babes dropping so much inspiration and knowledge! It always leaves me so inspired and rejuvenated! 

DIY Essential Oil Room, Hair & Body Sprays.


I love essential oils & I really love making my own sprays, blends and perfumes! My current obsession: BODY & ROOM SPRAYS!!!

In high school I was the queen of Bath and Body Works body sprays. 🙋🏻🙈 But now I know some body sprays are full of yuck we don't really want in and on our I've made my own natural sprays using Young Living essential oils!

Affiliate link: Letter Board || Spray bottles.

Raspberry Brownie Triffles.


How perfect are these Raspberry Brownie Triffles our friend Stephanie whipped up for Valentine's Day?! I imagine sitting down with my love, snuggling on the couch, netflix & these sweet treats! That is my kind of Valentine's date! 

How perfect do these treats pair with our stamped spoons?! Makes the dessert just a little more special when you have a custom spoon to eat it with!

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