itty bitty initials.


i love the itty bitty initials necklace! it is hand stamped with the initials of your choice and is so sweet! these sterling silver circle tags are just over 3/8" and are hanging on a silver ball chain. each necklace includes up to two circle tags & a freshwater pearl in your choice of color.

want one of your own? you can personalize & order one from my etsy shop.

chalk board paint (my new obsession)


yesterday i bought a can of chalkboard paint & it was love at first spray! i am working on a project with it {i hope to unveil this super secret project soon} & decided it would be fun to paint the top of my kitchen table with chalkboard paint!

i know...crazy right? we eat there...but what's a little chalk dust?

oh how the kids are loving it! {and so am i}

it was easy & fun...i am already planning a trip to the hardware store for more! the kids bedroom walls are calling out for some chalkboard paint!

Do you have any ideas for chalkboard paint?

monday must haves.


don't you wish you had the money to get whatever you wanted? sometimes i do...other times i am grateful for what i have. but there are always things we can dream of having right?

here are a few of the must haves on my list:

these pictures:

this claw foot tub:
found here

this headband:
found here

these pillows:
found here

this house:
my dream house {from Marley & Me} this is completely my style!

What are your monday must haves?

i love lavender.


i absolutely love spring and the sunshine and outdoor activities...and most of all i love my flower gardens! i love planting new things, playing around with color, watching as all my plants come up again and again...

i love cutting the sweet lavender...drying it & displaying it in my home!

i love visiting the local nursery and this little farmers market called sweet water farms that sells locally grown produce and flowers! last year i bought 3 lavender plants from there and fell in love! it looks and smells so lovely!
this year I plan to line my cobblestone walkway with lavender! i am so excited about it! i am hoping to have my walkway up to my front door look something like picture #2.

i am also working on some new design ideas featuring my metal stamping and lavender...hmmmm what could it be? stay tuned! ;)

What are some of your favorite flowers?

the zoo i drew.


we love going to the library! it is so close to our house that when it is warm outside we always walk. reading is one of my favorite things & i love sharing the love of books with my kids.

they have so much fun picking out their books & i so enjoy reading to them! the zoo i drew is a new favorite! look at the wonderful pictures:

What do you love doing with your children?

brown paper packages gift exchange


Cole over at adventures in love & happiness is hosting a brown paper packages gift exchange and it sounds like so much fun!

straight from cole: "the Brown Paper Packages gift exchange is all about sharing your favorite things. A book, a recipe, a necklace, a shirt, and of your favorites that you'd like to share."

you pick 3 of your favorite things and ship them to your recipient & get 3 of their favorite things in return! how fun!

go check it out & find out all the details on how to participate!

i am going to start narrowing down 3 of my fav things to send!

*new* faith-hope-love necklaces


simple. inspiring.

these are perfect for anyone & you can find them in my etsy shop!

the single word "faith, hope or love" will be hand stamped on this sterling silver oval charm.

the 1" sterling silver oval tag is hanging on a silver ball chain. each necklace includes a freshwater pearl in your choice of color. (cream, platinum or Tahitian blue)

what keeps you going? 3?

mocha chip muffins {from scratch}


i get pretty proud of myself when i make something from scratch!

usually i am more of a betty crocker from the box type of baker...needless to say i am pretty proud of my made from scratch mocha chip muffins, plus they are my favorite coffee companion & turned out oh so good!

{this is NOT my recipe...i found it here rest of the directions are there too}

~off to enjoy my snack~

What is your favorite thing to bake?

my 5 things *March*


I got this idea of 5 things from the Red Velvet Girls {go check them out, so creative & inspiring} anyway, here it goes:

5 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
our beach vacation this summer...digging into my flower beds this spring/summer...catching up on Lost w/ my husband tonight...redecorating my daughters bedroom...summer!

{picture found here}

5 Things I Did Yesterday:
watched 'New Moon'...took the kids to the park...went to the dentist...hunted for a truck for my husband...bought some mocha chip muffins {yum} :)

{those muffins look so good i am going to try this recipie when I get home!}

5 Things I Wish I Could do:
sew...see my best friend more more...stop time as my little ones grow so a little boutique selling all kinds of handmade goodies.

{i have a thing with water....must be the pisces in me}

5 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
hawaii...road trip all over the US stopping at all kinds of unique little shops...Europe...Alaska...take a road trip to the New England States with my husband stopping at all sorts of bed and breakfasts along the way!

5 Cute things I've found online lately:
cute monogramed bucket would be a perfect easter gift for my kids {here}
multi colored stacking mugs: a must have for my kitchen {here}
sweet little 'B' wall decal perfect for my daughters room I'm redoing {here}
super super cute headband for my little bean {here}
not sure what my deal is w/ birds lately, but but i want this pillow {here}

I had so much fun doing this! I might have to make it a regular feature!

what are some of your 5 things?

sweetheart necklace.


the sweetheart necklace features up to 2 sterling silver heart blanks stamped with the initials of your choice. perfect for a couple or a mom who wants to display the initials of her children.

the sweetheart necklace also comes with your choice of freshwater pearl! want one? you can find them in my etsy shop.

is it july yet?


i am so excited about vacation this year! we are going to the outer banks, n.c. with friends we haven't seen in about a year! we rented an amazing beach house on the 4x4 beaches. it is quite a drive up the beach...but it will be so peaceful and relaxing! {if you don't count all the noise the kids will be making}

i can't wait to watch the kids experience the beach, lay out in the sun, sit on the deck and listen to the ocean, eat good fresh seafood, make sand castles with the kids, swim in the pool, visit the light houses, catch a glimpse of the wild horses that live there, wake up in a dream beach house & make memories with our friends that will last a lifetime!

What are your plans for this summer?

pictures sources: horses & horses, sandcastle & sandcastle, beach

key to my heart.


the key to my heart necklace is perfect for moms or anyone who wants to let the world know who holds the key to their heart!

i have one with my kids initials on it & get tons of compliments! it is just too sweet to pass up!

want one? you can find it in my etsy shop!

So, who holds the key to your heart?

the simple things.


if you notice my post divider says "it's the simple things in life." though this is a common phrase, it means so much to me.

to make a long story very short, my mother died of cancer 6 years ago next week. while she was sick we sat together on her bed and talked about my hopes of having a baby one day. i can remember telling her that if i ever had a girl, I was going to have her middle name be Barbara, after her. she started crying and pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear "it's the simple things in life."

about 2 years later i gave birth to my first child, a girl... and when the doctor asked me her name i had tears in my eyes as i told him her name is Brooklyn husband knew it was a mixture of joy and sadness as i thought back to that moment with my mom & wished more than anything that she was here for this day...

i will never forget that moment, and i often stop and think about what my mom said to me. she is right, it is the simple things in life that you treasure the most.

Here are a few of the simple things I'm grateful for today:

watching spring flowers start to bloom...

coffee & conversation for 2...

bubble baths...watching my kids explore the backyard...snuggling in bed...

what simple things are you grateful for today?

mama bird.


the mama bird necklace is one of my favorite necklaces! i made this one for my best friend, her boys names are carter & colin.

i had planned on using circle charms for the mama bird necklace, but was inspired by the oval ones. i think it just looks like a mama bird watching over her eggs!

want one? you can find it here.

I'm Jessica - it's very nice to meet you.


Hello! I'm Jessica. Wife to my high school sweetheart, Brooks, Mommy to my 3 little ones, a hopeless romantic, a dreamer and an Indie Biz Owner.

I'm a Lover of Jesus + Saved by Grace. I am a coffee addict, vintage lover, small town girl, forever in search of the perfect book, pair of jeans, lip gloss & caramel latte. 

I know it sounds cliche, but I have always loved creating. All my life I have loved making things. A few years ago when I discovered hand stamping, I muttered my famous "I can do that" line and asked for some stamps for Christmas. What started out as a hobby, quickly became something more and now, being able to say that I turned my hobby into a successful business, is truly a dream come true.

I have a passion for re-purposing. I love taking something old, and making it into something new. This not only applies to the items in my shop, but also to the "trash" I find on someone's curb, or the rusty old something or another I find at a flea market...I'm always thinking of what I can transform it into. 

My blog is where I share my love of pretty things, my passion for this handmade community, inspiration, my thoughts, my struggles, my triumphs, my life... 

I married Brooks, my high school sweetheart in 2003.  He was 23, I was 21. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Three years later we had our first baby girl, Brooklyn. 19 short months later we had our son, Lofton. Two months after I had him, I was diagnosed with Cancer.  It was the scariest time in my life. 

Four months of chemo and one month of radiation later, I was CANCER FREE! After being told we might not be able to have any more children, God blessed us with our third child, Lucy! 

My heart is full.

I feel incredibly blessed to be living my dream as a wife, mother & an indie business owner.  Most days you can find me in my home studio, working alongside the baby dolls my Lucy brings to work with mommy.

Other days, you can find me watching family movies snuggled on the couch or a favorite sitcom with the Hubby after we tuck the kids in bed, reading a good book while drinking a good cup of coffee, working in my flower beds or just enjoying the life God has blessed me with.

please, come visit my shop.

I am happy. I am in love with my best friend. I am living my dream. I am blessed. And I am so glad you are here on this journey with me!

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