i have a dream.


i would love to own a
sweet little boutique.
one that features all sorts of
wonderful handmade treasures!
and it would be great to run it
with my best friend Crystal...

maybe even have some sweet treats available too...

What is your dream?

too busy to slow down.


I have been so busy the last couple
of days filling orders..playing
outside with the kids...
& i love it!
But being so busy
makes it hard to do a post...
so for today...this is all I have for you:

wish i had one of these...and a minute to sit & enjoy it!

wednesday wish list.


I want these signs so much!!
I would hang them in my dining room & kitchen...

now to get the hubby to buy them...

find it here
find it here

I am redesigning my daughters bedroom
and I totally want these to hang from the ceiling:

find them here

And last but not least I want old pop crates
like the ones in this picture:

See more wish lists here.

What are you wishing for today?

on my mind.


I have alot on my mind today...
things just floating around in there taking over...
the kind of things that make it hard to get anything done...

Among those things are:

I need the beach & the relaxation:

A Camera!
I need a new one so bad!
I use my Dad & Debbie's camera, it takes the best pics...
but they are on vacation...
i need my own.


My daughter's Phineas and Ferb Birthday Party
She asked for a Phineas & Ferb party this year!
There is not a lot of party stuff available...
I made these invitations using Picnik.

Filling orders...
I have a bunch of orders for my vintage garden markers!
and I have several orders for custom necklaces to finish...

As soon as my Dad & Debbie get back from their vacation to NYC I am going to have a bunch of new pictures & new items available in my etsy store!

What's on your mind today?

I Love Glee & Monday Mash-Up


I love Glee...LOVE IT! The show is amazing, plain and simple. Anyway if you watch the show you know what a mash up is...if not, it is bascially a couple songs "mashed" together and performed in an amazing GLEE-ful way.

On to my point....The Glee mash ups have inspired my new weekly feature post called Monday Mash Up.

I did something similar last week when I posted teal treasures....Monday Mash Up will be just like that, a mash up of some of my favorite things on etsy!

So without further ado....I present the very first...

Monday Mash Up:
It's Good to be Green
item locations: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Hope you liked the new weekly feature,
Monday Mash Up!

***If you have a color or theme suggestion please
feel free to let me know by commenting or emailing me

& your idea could be the next Monday Mash Up!***

sunday inspiration.

Vintage Garden Markers


Vintage Spoon & Fork
Garden MarkersI am in love with these!
I sat outside in the sun
yesterday stamping away!

This set is one of my favorites...
the xoxo spoon is perfectly tarnished!
it is available here.

You can see all the newest
additons in my etsy store!
Including the Black Thumb spoon,

my brown paper package has arrived!


A while back I participated in the Brown Paper Packages gift exchange.
I mailed out 3 of my favorite things to my exchange partner....
and yesterday my package arrived!!!!

sent me the most wonderful package!

cute little notebooks & notecards!

along with a card explaining why
she chose each item...

...and a great book titled kritsy takes a bow
I can't wait to dig into this book!

So Thanks so much Kristina!
I love my items!!

Tag: I got your Heart!

I am so excited about this new necklace!
It is perfect for Mother's Day!
The name of this necklace
explains perfectly how
I feel about my kids!
Just like in the childhood game of tag...
they have got my heart & I'm it!

Tag, I've got your heart necklace
is available in my etsy shop!

Also...I am loving these vintage
spoon garden markers
I made for a customer!

wish list wednesday: i need these!


Monkey Cheeks makes the cutest crayon wallets & Busy Mom organizers, and they are both on my wish list this week!

The Busy Mom Organizer

I love this!

as you might have noticed from my post yesterday,

I am obsessed with teal lately!

but this one is lovely too...decisions decisions...

We are going on vacation in July & I have been looking for things to keep the kids ocupied during travel & at the beach house & these would be perfect:

Crayon Wallets

I am thinking the construction scene for my little guy

and the cute cupcakes for my little girl.

You can find these lovely items in Monkey Cheeks etsy shop. And you can see more of my wish lists here.

Simple Circles Now Available on Etsy!


My Simple Circle Necklace
is now available in my etsy store!

a 1/2" sterling silver circle tag
will be hand stamped with the NAME or WORD of your choice
Pick the name of your child/sweetheart/loved one
or choose an inspiring word
to wear close to your heart!

teal treasures.

i love etsy...
i love selling my designs there...
& i love looking at all the other lovely items!

it is so nice for making wish lists too!
if you have an etsy account you can
save your favorite items for later viewing or shopping!

so...i thought I would share a few
of the items on my favorites list:

Teal Treasures
item locations (from top left): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

You can visit my etsy shop here.

ballerina dreams.


my daughter got a book at the library about
a ballerina & now it is all she talks about.
she wants to be a ballerina...and she practices all day! :)

i never wanted to be a ballerina when i was little...
i was a tomboy who was very into sports.
but i am thinking of taking her to dance classes...
she will love it.

besides...who can resist a little pink tutu?

image sources: weheartit

sunday inspiration.

love birds.


so sweet! perfect for a couple
or your kids initials!

NEW items: Circles n Squares & mini mixed charm necklaces (plus new hearts)

here are some new designs i have been working on!
they will be available in my etsy shop next week!

Plus...I got new hearts that I love so much
for the sweethearts necklace.
so sweet!

Happy Weekend!

i love project runway & i want this bag! (giveaway)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Runway...it is one of my favorite shows! The finalle is on next Thursday & I can't wait to see who wins!

The designers left standing:
Seth, Mila, Emilio & Jay

In honor of Project Runway finalle,
Beautiful Bridget is having an
awesomesauce giveaway!

Beautiful Bridget is giving away this Mood bag & I totally want it! You too can enter the giveaway here. Good luck....well not really, I hope I win! ;)

Do you watch Project Runway?

Who is your favorite designer this season?

Me? I loved Anthony's personality! He was hilarious! But as far as designs, I would have to go with Emilio.

The Lovely Blogger List.


I love reading other blogs & am frequently inspired by them! The other day I came across The Lovely Blogger List created by Lovely Clusters. I think it's a great idea and I am very excited to be a part of it & be able to meet other lovely bloggers! All you have to do to join the list is submit your blog/shop and do a post answering a few questions about yourself. Here it goes:

My name is Jessica & I am married to Brooks and we have two wonderful children, Brooklyn & Lofton. I have lived in Ohio all my life but very much wish to own a rustic little beach cottage some day! I work {very} part time & stay at home with my kids.

I wanted a creative outlet & decided to start my own etsy shop creating hand stamped jewelry. I also love being outdoor & being in my flower beds so I also do a few gardening pieces as well!

I am inspired by a lot of things...lately it is nature & old vintage things! I love looking through pictures at weheartit inspiration is abundant there! I also follow many other very creative blogs that inspire me daily!

you can find my designs at my etsy shop.
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