Monday Mash Up


Crazy for Cross Stitch

I found this cute shop with these cute hand embroidered pieces

I would love to frame these and hang them throughout my house!

You can find these and more in Maxiedoll's Etsy Shop.

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Sunday Inspiration is now Sunday Song Lyrics!


I decided to change Sunday Inspirations to Sunday Song Lyrics....
Music Inspires me...moves me...makes me feel good...takes me back...
What could be more inspiring than that?

Which is why I decided on the change...
and who better to kick off the new feature than Taylor Swift?

Amazing Outdoor Spaces


I stumbled upon a great blog called Poppytalk (my blog list just keeps growing & growing) & found this amazing post on great outdoor spaces...

I totally want to model my backyard
around this amazing picture!

If you know me, you know it is my dream to own a cute little beach cottage in N.C. one day! I want to retreat there every single winter! Anyway, I about died when I saw this picture:

I SO want to live here....isn't it beautiful?

What is your dream?

Monogram Necklace Winner!


I am so happy to announce the winner of my first giveaway!

My daughter wanted to help.....
so she picked the winner!
Congrats Stephanie!
Email me so I can get your info!

Wedding Markers & Reminder to Enter Giveaway!


Know anyone getting married?
These are nice keepsake markers for weddings!
The Bride & Groom markers can be found here
& the Happily Ever After set can be found here.


Also don't forget, today is the last day to enter my
Monogram Necklace Giveaway...
Click here for details & to enter!

Upcycled Old Window & Some Flowers


I found these two great items @ a flea market!
I was wondering what to do with the window
& them I called on my new obsession
with chalkboard paint &...

VOILA! A Window Chalkboard!
It was so fun & easy & I love it!
Plus, here are some flowers I am loving around my house!
My daughter and I planted Sweet Pea &
Cosmos in the green pots yesterday
She is so excited for them to come up!

Monday Mash Up


My 12 Latest Favorites:
item locations: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

These are the latest 12 things I marked as favorites on Etsy!

So funny how I didn't even try & they have a color theme!

Lovely Reclaimed Fabric & My Sewing Project


I can't sew.
I wish I could.
I am going to learn.

{wouldn't it be more fun to learn with this machine?}

The weird part is everytime I see really cute fabric, especially vintage/vintage inpsired fabric I am drawn to just pulls me in & I have no idea why. It is not like I can make anything with it! I have a big bag full of fabric in my closet just waiting on me to actually use it! It is like I was a really, really good sewer in a previous life or something!

So...when I found this lovely fabric from whimesydots I HAD to have it! I have been looking for some seriously cute vintage fabric to make pillowcases for my daughter. (I am redoing her room now that she is in a twin bed) And this reclaimed vintage fabric totally fit the bill!

Now all I have to do is rope someone into helping me make these super cute pillowcases!!

I will keep you posted on that! ;)

My 5 Things Post (May 2010)


My May Calender
(can you tell I am excited for Eclipse?)

5 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
Watching the Twilight Trilogy on June 29th especially the Midnight showing of Eclipse...picking my homegrown strawberries when they are ripe...buying fresh fruits and veggies this summer...seeing my best friend Crystal this daughter's Phineas & Ferb Party tomorrow!
5 Things I Did Yesterday:
mailed out more garden markers...bought Eclipse Tickets!!!!!...made a great Chicken & Bacon recipe...went "exploring" with my daughter in our backyard...ordered party supplies for my daughters birthday!
5 Things I Wish I Could do:
sew (it will remain on my list until I actually learn)...cure cancer...make time slow on the weekends so I could spend more of it with my family...Build a house...Do what the American Pickers do!
5 Cute things I've found online lately:
My son would go crazy for this bed! And My daughter for this one!

these adorable note cards

I have a thing for vintage sheets lately, and I totally want these ones for my daughter's new big girl bed!



As promised, I am hosting a giveaway now
that I have hit the 50 follower mark!
I am giving one lucky follower a
custom Family Monogram Necklace!

*BONUS* If you follow jessicaNdesigns on facebook you get an additional entry! Simply leave an additional comment letting me know you follow on facebook!

I will randomly pick the winner and will announce that lucky person on 5/28/10.

Good Luck!

2 Followers Away From A GIVEAWAY!


I have been tweeting & facebooking away
about my 50 follower giveaway
& want to make sure all my readers are aware
that we are ALMOST there!

Right now we are only 2 followers away

Once I reach 50 followers I will be giving away one of my designs to one lucky follower! So be sure to sign up to follow my blog so you can enter to win! I will also announce the rules and how to enter once we get to the 50 follower mark!

So be sure to follow & spread the word!

Monday Mash-Up


Tickled Pink

item locations (from top left)


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Sunday Inspiration.

Some New & Some Old Items in the Shop.


From top left

Have a Happy Weekend!

I LOVE Junking & I Found A Great Blog & Store Who Does Too!


I Love to go "junking" and once every month in my town there is a "big trash day" where you can throw away all your junk and the town will pick it can't imagine the things you can find...I guess it is true what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Anyway, I found this GREAT etsy store while browsing for distressed vintage items, it's called Old Crow Farms & it was love at first sight! Online junking! :)

I found the following items in their
store & I want them all:

Plus, if you are in the Iowa area, they hold Markets

& are actually having one this weekend!!

Go visit their site to see other Market Dates!

I wish I was close enough to go!

Happy Weekend!

Dreaming of a Big Old Farm House & a Country Kitchen


Reading other blogs inspires me...sometimes it gives me new ideas, sometimes it encourages me, sometimes I am reminded of some of my own ideas...

Like the post on
Oh Hello Friend today, it reminded me of my dream to own a big old farm house with a huge country kitchen like the ones below:

Dish pictures found via Oh Hello Friend <---- Go there and check out the rest of the great pictures!

Maybe someday this dream will be a reality & I can share pictures of my own farm house & country kitchen with you!

Wish List Wednesday: Guest Poster!


My Best Friend Crystal always appreciates my wish lists so this week, I asked her to do her own Wish List!

Us a while back
(My hair was just growing back after Chemo)

Crystal's Wish List:

1. Over sized blue and yellow towels for my bathroom (10 of them) that I'm turning into a beach theme. So that each time I am in there I'm instantly at the ocean....ahh if only it worked like that!

2. A Bright Orange beach chair that says "MOM ONLY" for me to lay out on...because I lay out aaallll the time ;)

3. Some type of old fashioned cabinet with all kinds of coffee's for hot and iced coffee breaks :)

4. A pair of jimmy chu shoes...just to say that I finally got a pair

5. A professional organizer for a day.... even though my house appears to be clean and organized. lift or open something and you will think other wise.

Fun to dream... I always love your lists so I had fun with mine.

Thanks Crystal!
I want a beach chair too so we can lay out together!
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