See Kate Sew Giveaway!!


One of the Photobucket is See Kate Sew, I have been following her for a while now! I even have some of her super sweet bows for my girls!!
Meet Kate:
I'm Kate, a grad school wife and first time mama. I love to sew. Maybe more than love. It's just what I do. I love fashion, photography, crafting, and everything in between. Now that I get to stay at home and have a little baby to sew for, things have gotten out of hand...and I'm loving it!

Go check out more about Kate & her awesome sewing skills! You won't be disappointed! 

Kate also has a super cute Etsy Shop {that is where I got the sweet hair bows!} and she is giving away one of her NEW Smashed Ruffle Clutches! WOW!

Way too cute!!
Want to win one?
{must be a jessicaNdesigns follower}
Following is easy...need help? Ask me how!

Here is all you need to do to enter:
  • Visit Kate's Etsy Shop...Come back & tell me which Small Smashed Ruffle Clutch you would pick if you won! EASY! 
Want a extra entries? Ok! here you go:
  • Follow Kate's Blog! Leave her some comment love & tell her I sent you! 
  • Share a link to this giveaway on Facebook! 

Good Luck!
Contest open until 7/6/11 & Winner announced 7/7/11!

Inspiration Workshop Week 5: The Perfect Bathroom

Today is week 5 of Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop & our prompt this week was
PERFECT BATHROOM I have long dreamed of the perfect bathroom, so this week was easy for me! And as you know, I am a HUGE fan of re-purposing, so those old drawers turned hanging hooks took my breath away! 

My Perfect Bathroom:
  • is light & breezy
  • has no kids following me into it
  • has a big old claw foot tub for soaking
  • has lots of windows for light & breezes
  • smells clean and fresh 
  • is a combo of white & teal
  • has numerous big fluffy towels 
  • has spa like music playing
  • is an oasis for relaxation
Check out previous weeks of inspiration here!

image sources:
1 2 3 via jessicandesigns on pinterest

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Dear babies...


I am not the greatest at keeping up with your photo albums & slack on your baby books {for shame, i know!} but you have all been on my heart lately. Much more than usual, which seems impossible, because you are my whole world.

Dear 5 year old Brooklyn, 

You are getting so big.  I can not believe you are 5 years old.  It makes me sad, but happy. I cried the other day reading your school supplies list for this fall..Where has the time gone? You are such a constant chatter box, I wonder if they might send you home from school for excessive talking. :)  You told me the other day that you are going to grow up and get married so you won't always live here with me...You are so smart & loving & funny.  I love the silly songs you make up, how you have such a vivid imagination & love to create & I love that you always want to help with your baby sister and that you still love to cuddle! I pray everyday that you become a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord & is kind to everyone you meet.  I will always be here for you, for anything. I am so proud of you!

Dear 3 year old Lofton, 

I love this picture, it defines you: huge little boy smile, in high gear, happy, free, always wearing a hat. You are my wild child, not bad {most times} just full of energy, destruction, noise &'re just a boy! You would play in the dirt & "fix" all day long! You even sleep with your tools most nights! Now that Lucy is here, I look back to when you were a baby and find that I forget so much.  When you were 2 months old I found out I had cancer, and through out most your baby days, I was sick, doing chemo & radiation. It makes me sad. But I am blessed and beyond happy to be healthy and with you now to make so many memories! I love the times when I can sneak in snuggles without you noticing, I love how you leave the s off all your words {take for snake, tiff for sniff, tink for stink etc), I love how when you pray, you start with "Hank you Jesus" {Daddy and I always giggle at that} I will always be here for you, for anything. I am so proud of you.

Dear 5 month old baby Lucy, 

You really are a sweet peanut. Everyone comments on how happy & content you are! As you see in the picture, you like to suck your thumb...I am mixed about it, it is nice (and so cute, let's face it) that you can soothe yourself.  But a thumb is not something you can take away like a binky...but I am not too worried. You are so curious right now, grabbing at everything your little chubby hands can reach.  I love your little baby lips, your slobbery baby kisses, your baby giggles & your little baby noises. I love how you reach for my face when I rock you to sleep! You bring me such joy, it is sad to think you might be the last baby.  But I am so blessed to have you.  You look exactly like your sister did, it is so hard to tell your pictures from hers when she was your age!  It will be interesting to see if you look this similar when you are older.  I love how perfectly you fit into the family, there were times when I was pregnant that I wondered how I would do it, some days are still like that, but I can't imagine it any other way. I will always be here for you, for anything. I am so proud of you!

I love you all more than life,

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I have revamped my sponsorship options to include 3 month spots, and X Large Spots! And I am offering a FREE month of advertising space! 

If you purchase a Large or X Large 3 Month Ad Space, you get a 4th month FREE!! YAY! Read about what else comes with sponsorship spots here.

If you would like to advertise here on jessicaNdesigns, shoot me an email

Who Needs Instagram?

I commented the other day on facebook that I wanted an iPhone just so I could use Instagram. Well, since I won't be getting an iPhone anytime soon, I searched for a program online that lets you "vintage-ize" {Yes, I made that up} regular pictures & found a FREE ONE! Pixlr has a program called pixlr-o-matic that allows you to add all kinds of vintage effects and cool frames FREE! I am beyond pumped!! 

Here are some different effects I added to the original picture {above}

I am pretty sure I am now addicted...Play around with it is SO fun!

Monday Mash Up: I need color in my life.


 Bright. Colorful. Fun
This weeks colorful items can be found here:

More Monday Mash Ups Here!

p.s. Did you notice the NEW Blog design I had done by Laura Jane Designs? What do you think? {we will talk more about it later!}

p.p.s Did you Enter my GIVEAWAY? Chance to win a SUPER AWESOME sign of your choice from 41 West Designs!  

I am linking up my wish list with Love Stitched!

Strut Your Stuff Saturday


Last week was my first ever link party & I want to Thank everyone who linked up!! I didn't know if anyone would, so I was happy to see all your awesome posts linked up! 

Mark your calenders because from now on, every Saturday you can come on over & Strut Your Stuff!

Here were some of my Favorites:

Feathers in our Nest shared this super cute clutch she made & it reminded me again why I want to learn to sew!

Alexandra Rose shared these AMAZING Knock you Naked Brownies that I HAVE to try! Chocolate & Caramel....I'm there!

Crossing the Bugger Dixon Line shared the SUPER Awesome Super Hero Party she threw for her son! I am TOTALLY bookmarking this for my son's next Birthday! Look at the awesome details! A Super hero changing PHONE BOOTH for Pete's sake! AWESOME!

Strut Your Stuff Saturday!


  • This weekly Link Party is meant as a way for us to exchange inspiration, encouragement & new ideas. Everyone is invited to join in the fun! All you have to do is link up an inspiring can be a tutorial, a recipe, a DIY project, an inspiring story, some great photos you took...whatever you want to share!

    Here's How the Party Works:
    •  Follow my Blog! It's more fun that way! ;)
    • Link to your blog post and not your blog homepage.
    • Add the "Strut Your Stuff" party button to your post, sidebar or links page so others can join the party!
    • Make sure there's a LINK in your post to the "Strut Your Stuff" Party
    • Visit and comment on some other people's blogs! Everyone loves comments! Let's encourage each other and find some new friends! :)  


Friday Freebie & such...

How Awesome is this FREE Printable from Barn Owl Primitives? You can download & Enjoy here.

Thirty Hand Made Days

Also, I was SUPER pumped that my Ice Cream Bar Party was featured on one of my FAVORITE blogs, 30 Handmade Days! YAY!


Katy is hosting an AMAZING Giveaway for a Cause & I am one of the 30 participating shops! Go read more, it is really an amazing thing they are doing for the joyful life library project. 

Go read the amazing story & enter to win prizes from 30 shops!! 

Remember, tomorrow is Strut Your Stuff Saturday so come back and link up your creativeness!


41 West Designs Shop Spotlight & GIVEAWAY!


I am so in love with my Family Rules Sign from 41 West Designs so, I am beyond thrilled about today's Shop Spotlight & Giveaway!

Brittany, the creator of 41 West Designs is so super nice & creative & all around awesome! I am so excited to get to know more about her! So sit back & grab a cup of coffee & let's get started:
Tell us a little about the handmade products you sell.
I make handpainted pine boards with an aged, distressed look for wedding and home decor.

What is the story behind the name of your shop?
41 West is the street address of the house my grandparents live in. This house has been in the family for generations, my grandmother's great grandfather had the home built when settlers first came to St George, Utah. I used to visit St George as a kid, and I always loved this house. I lived here for a summer before I got married, and my grandparents built a guest house in the back of the property and were kind enough to rent it to my husband and I while he was finishing up his undergrad. Lots of great memories here. This house has a special meaning to me - and so it seemed fitting to name my shop after it.

How did you get started with your business and how long have you had your shop?
My uncle can build just about anything, and I have always loved watching him work. I had him cut me some wood and I started painting it and making a few things - some of which were pretty ugly. After I got my Cricut last summer, I decided to make Birthday Celebration Boards for my family for Christmas! I had such a fun time doing it that I started making more and more things and giving them as gifts. Finally my husband told me to stop wasting his money and sell some of these things! I officially opened shop on March of this year.

Is this your job or just a hobby?
Just a hobby!! I think if I were to view it as anything else in my mind (other than a hobby), I wouldn't have as much fun doing it. :]

What inspires you and or how do you stay inspired?
I have been inspired by a lot of things - the first craft blog I followed was Make It and Love It. I started reading it almost three years ago and it really inspired me with all the DIY projects that I had NO idea how to do...but it made me feel like I could do it! 
My grandparents used to run an antique shop out of their home and I have always loved the look of old, worn furniture and decorative pieces. I love antiques and I love the story behind them. I wanted my signs to look like they had a story behind them - as if they had been in the family for years and years.

What advice do you have for other Etsy sellers?
ADVERTISE!! Get a Facebook page and get yourself out there. Make friends with other shops. By promoting them to your friends, they will want to promote you too. My friend Tricia says, "Together we can." We are all in it together and we should all help each other succeed!
Use the right tag words to direct people to your items - something I am still learning as well.

What is your favorite product you've purchased from another Etsy seller?
That is a tough one! I have bought a lot of things from my friends with shops, and I love everything. The thing I get the most compliments on is the leather wrap bracelet from Smitten By A Promise or the wallet and matching checkbook cover from Simply Created.

What are your aspirations/where do you want to go from here?
I would love to get into building furniture. I know, kind of different from painting boards - but I love building things and I love power tools. I have all these ideas in my head and I just need the lumber (and the space) to get started!

What is your typical day like?
My typical day is pretty insane - I have a two year old who LOVES attention :] I usually start off the morning by publishing my blog post for the day. After Jack wakes up, I am pretty busy, but having an iPad and an Android phone make it easy for me to stay up to date on important things - like Facebook.  ;]  We usually go outside around 10:30 or 11:00 and I will sand and paint boards while Jack runs around. Any mom can agree with this: when the kid takes a nap, I have to maximize that time as much as possible!! I fit in just about everything I can't do while he's awake. This is usually when I come up with new designs. And avoid the laundry. Around 4:00 work typically stops and we just hang out as a family for the rest of the evening, but I often try to sneak back out to the workshop after 8:00.

3 things in your workspace that you could not live without.
My Cricut, my sander, and my x-acto knife.

Thanks Brittany! I love getting to know more about the sellers I love! 
SAY WHAT??!! Totally awesome! 
**Winner must pay shipping**


Here is how you enter 
{must be jessicaNdesigns follower} 
  1. Tell me the something fun you learned about Brittany in the shop spotlight.
    Want Extra Entries? 
    Do any of the following & leave a SEPARATE comment for each one you do:
    • Like 41 West Designs on facebook {tell her I sent ya!}
    • Share link to this giveaway on Facebook 
    • Follow Brittany's Blog & leave a comment telling her I sent ya! 
    • Visit her shop & tell me the name of your favorite sign!

    Brittany is offering ALL jessicaNdesigns readers a HUGE 25% off ANYTHING in her shop!  Just use Code jessicaN25 at checkout!

    Contest ends 6/30 & Winner will be Announced on 7/1


    Inspiration Workshop Week 3: Play.

    In case you have missed any previous posts, I am joining up with Gussy for her Inspiration Workshop. Each week we get a different prompt & this week’s prompt is: PLAY

    This picture embodies what play means in our house:
    • Dirty
    • Tired
    • Fun
    • Explore
    • Learning
    • Smiles
    • Imagination

    Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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