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Round Picture Collage Tutorial.


I love mixing up how I present pictures on the blog & have been doing round picture collages lately. A reader emailed me asking if I would share the tutorial so here we go! 

 I use for all my blog collages & buttons.  I started 2 years ago using the FREE account and just this year upgraded to the Premium account for $24.95/year. It is totally worth it for me! 

 Click on the Collage Button to get started.

I used the 3 square one for my collage.

 Since my blog background is white, I changed the background color from black to white so it blends in with my background.  But you can see you can change it to any color you want! 

Move the Roundness button all the way over to 10 to make perfect circles!
Then click DONE & Save! EASY!

You can also use the Circle Collage to do something like this with words instead of 2 pictures! Here is how:

I used a 2 square collage to do this one.
Change the roundness again
Select only 1 picture from your photo basket and leave the second circle empty.
Add your text and move it where you would like it. I love to overlap some of mine on to the picture!
Change the font and text color and then when you have it how you like it, click done then save! EASY PEASY!

Hope that helped! If there are any other things you would like to have me show you, let me know!! I would love to share more tutorials!

Monday Mash Up: Current Crushes


Just some of my latest crushes for today's Monday Mash Up:

More Monday Mash Ups Here.

I caught up on orders and Friday Night Lights & hung out by a evening fire with family...What did you do this weekend?

Friday Freebie & First day of School


Today was my babies first day of school...I was not ready for this day to be here yet. I mean WHERE has the time gone?!

But as they have to let them go someday...

So, I prayed I had prepared her for this, called my aunt to ask if anyone would be able to help her put the straw in her juice box and open her granola bar, reminded her to be kind to all the kids, especially the ones who may not have any friends, packed up her lunch, made her a necklace to wear, let her borrow my headband & prayed that she would do wonderful.

You don't know how many times today I have wanted to go peek in that class room to see how she is doing. I have a little trouble with letting go...

So in honor of her first day of school, I found some School themed printables:
Teacher Thank you Cards...I am sure these will come in handy! 
You can download and print them here.

Sweet little Lunch Box notes...available here

So, did anyone else send their baby off to school this week?

I would LOVE to have you & New Goodies!

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Also, notice the CUTE headband and necklace? I WON these goodies from Soieil Selene! I LOVE THEM! I am wearing the double rosette headband and the triple rosette necklace

Any fun plans this weekend?

Inspiration Workshop Week 13: Favorite Colors


It is week 13 of Inspiration Workshop & this week's prompt is FAVORITE COLORS.
My favorite color changes, depending on what day you ask me...but lately I am crushing on Coral & Mint {together}

Here are some amazing examples I found on Pinterest:
image 1:2:3:4 via jessicaNdesigns on Pinterest
I am LOVING these colors together! They look so fresh. 
p.s. I get a LOT of color inspiration from A Creative Mint! 

I was even inspired by these colors to make a NEW bracelet for the shop! Here is a SNEAK PEEK:

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!Check out previous weeks of Inspiration here.
What do you think of the bracelet?
What are your favorite Colors?

Mountain Vacation Recap


We recently took a family vacation with Brooks' brother & his family to Massenutten Resort in Virginia. We stayed in a condo together and were a little cramped with 5 kids...but we had fun!!

Driving through the mountains is always my favorite, it is so beautiful! Everywhere you look there are stunning views! I took all these pictures out the window while we were driving! (Brooks was driving not me!)

 The Singing Tower outside the Luray Caverns. 

The first place we visited was the Luray Caverns...they were so amazing! It was very cool down there & the hour walk under ground touring them was pretty cool! 

Lucy only looks terrified...she really wasn't! :)

 These pictures really do not do the caverns justice!
Scenery while driving back from the Caverns
We went hiking & explored the amazing trails! 
 The kids were more than thrilled that they got to jump off the bed!
Lucy loved playing with her cousin Weber...
started crawling on her knees & ate her first puffs all on vacation!

The indoor outdoor water park was by far everyone's favorite...I felt like a kid again there! But we did not take our camera so no pics :( 

All in all it was a great trip, even if after we got home I felt like I needed another vacation! Taking all those kids is work!! :)

Where was your favorite vacation?

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