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I have been in the same rut lately & I can't seem to get out of it.
It makes me feel sad.
It makes me feel guilty.
It makes me tired.
It makes we want to change.

When I read Casey's post, it inspired me to write this post.

Being a stay at home Mom is what I always is a blessing, it is fulfilling.
But it is also hard.
I have days where I just want to hide.
Days where I count the minutes until Brooks gets home.
Days where I cry.
I feel guilty, selfish, less of a mom, and I wonder if anyone else feels this way.
Am I a bad Mom for feeling this way sometimes?
Am I a bad Mom for needed a break sometimes?

No, I know I am not, I know other Mom's feel this way.

But I am tired to feeling this way.
I am tired of wading in my selfishness.
I want it to stop.
So I need to change.
But change can be hard.

But for 2012, my goal will be CHANGE.

I want to be more joyful
I want to change my attitude
I want to change my heart
I want to be more tender
I want to be more patient
I want to change the ugly things about me
I want to be more loving...especially to strangers
I want my children to see Jesus in me

I want Jesus to be that change in me.
I can't do it without him. 
This year I want to let him be that CHANGE in me.


InstaFriday v1.0

As you may have read, I got an iPad from my Hubby for Christmas (!!!!)
So, among other awesome things, it means I am finally able to join InstaFriday with Life Rearranged! *Not that you need an iPad or iPhone to join, but my cell phone is ancient and the camera stinks and the memory is full....*takes breath* Anyway, I can't wait to keep playing with instagram & continue to share my pics for InstaFriday!! 

And if you are so inclined, you can follow me on instagram here:Photobucket

Leave me your instagram username & I will come check you out!
life rearranged

Christmas 2011 & The Best Gift Ever!


Every year I make Monkey Bread to eat on Christmas so good!  We ate it all before I got to take a picture of the finished product!

This year was Lucy's first Christmas.  It was so fun watching her open all her gifts! 

Get the boy John Deere and he is happy!

 They are going to be best friends!

We even went to see Santa's Reindeer! 
Lucy LOVES her baby, she pats her, "feeds" her from her sippy cup & carries her around in the car seat! 

 Lucy Hoarding her new gifts!
From left: Me, My Dad, Lofton, Brooklyn, My Grandpa, My Niece Audrey, Lucy, My Brother Tony.

This Christmas went so fast, and I did not feel as in the spirit as I usually do.  Mostly because I was so busy with orders that I didn't have time to decorate, shop, and just be Merry!  But it was still a wonderful Christmas!

Since we have had the kids, Brooks & I don't usually get each other much, if anything for Christmas.  But this year we both apparently had the same idea: to surprise the other with something special!  The best part was that neither of us had even asked for the gifts we got!

I got Brooks a Play Station 3 and a Northface Jacket. And he surprised me with the BEST GIFT EVER: and iPad 2! I immediately texted everyone a picture of me kissing it! :) I was very very surprised.

So my days until I re open shop are now spent playing Words with Friends with my Dad's wife Debbie & my girl Leonora, taking pictures using instagram (!) and re-reading The Hunger Games with my Kindle App. Can you say AWESOME?!

How did you spend your Christmas this year? What was your favorite Gift? I would love to know!

Silent Night...Peace on Earth...Christ Our Savior is Born.


"...Do not be afraid.  I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.  This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger."  

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests." Luke 2: 10-14


Have a Very Merry Christmas...I'm Outta Here!


I am sure you have noticed I have not been around lately.  I was so incredibly busy this Christmas season I had to pretty much abandon life to keep up!  While I feel incredibly blessed that my business is doing so well, I really only was thinking of taking a big break while I was working away! 

So, that is what I am doing! I completed the last of my orders and closed my shop until after the first of the year! It feels so good to just live... though I am excited to reopen in January & add more new items!! 

But for now, I am extremely excited to put the blog & the shop on hold, re-energize, clean my disaster of a house, take a mental break, get out of fast forward mode & enjoy some much needed time with my family for Christmas! 

I truly hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas & a happy New Year!

See you in 2012!


Doing Something New & Finding You (plus winners announced)


I am pretty sure I have finally found my niche & myself in my designs...

It's funny how much my designs have changed, how much I have changed from when I first opened up my shop. It is kind of scary looking back at some of the first things I sold. 

But, we all have to start somewhere, right? It's sort of like growing up. You explore, you change, you try new things & you find yourself. 

There are so many people out there who do hand stamped jewelry. I was sort of feeling down & lost in the crowd.  I didn't really love what I was making. So I pulled most of my jewelry from my shop and decided to start over. I started sketching some new ideas and working with new materials and I am SO happy with the results! 

It all started with my loved ring & has grown from there! I fell in love with the combination of copper & silver and have not looked back. 

I began playing with some new techniques and went out of my comfort zone working with new metals & tools.  I am still working on things, dreaming up new, exciting, original designs to continue adding to the shop! 

I feel so blessed to have the ability to do what I love & to be able to create meaningful pieces for YOU! 

My business is taking off better than I ever dreamed & I thank God for that! It is so nice doing something you really love! 

I have also added a line of key chains and other accessories! I really love these! There is even one for you dog lovers! And they make GREAT gifts!! 

I am so very excited about all my new products...they are really an extension of me and my style! 

And in other news: Sorry it has taken me so long to announce the winners, but as I said yesterday, I am a busy little elf!

The winner of the $30 Shop Credit to Little Blue Feather is:
The winner of my Veteran's Day Giveaway is:
The winner of the When Shutter's Click Giveaway is:
The winner of The Lovely Poppy Giveaway is:
WINNERS: Email me to claim your prize!   

Workin' like an Elf...


I have been seriously MIA lately. 
First I got sick :( 
Then my inbox EXPLODED with 150 orders.....
I have never been EVEN CLOSE to this busy.

So while my kids are upstairs watching Elf, 
I am down in my studio working like one. 

I know I need to announce winners from my latest giveaways & get back to blogging, but right now I am trying to survive getting orders out & get myself ready for Christmas...then I am TAKING A BREAK! I actually can't wait to close the shop for a bit and spend some quality time with my family for the Holidays! 

So I apologize for not being around...I hope to be back to normal again soon! 

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