February 2, 2012

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

I have had my eye on these succulents for a while now...in fact, I have included them in several posts in the past.  They were sitting there in my Etsy Favs just staring at me screaming "buy me, buy me!"  So, since they were begging me, I finally decided to go for it. I called it an early Birthday present to myself! ;) 

I got my succulents from Heather of Succulents Galore.  I AM SO GLAD I DID.  Not only did she answer all 1,328 of my questions, she was extremely helpful and SUPER NICE!  {Thanks Heather} 

Under Heather's instruction, I bought the Miracle Grow Cactus potting soil for my new plants!

  1. I gathered my beautiful succulents.
  2. Filled the bottom of my tin with a little sand because the plants like porous soil & don't like soggy roots!
  3. Mixed the sand with my soil
  4. Planted my little lovelies in the muffin tin.

I was going to plant them all in muffin tins, but decided to mix it up a little! I had got this wooden box a while back and decided it made the perfect home for some succulents on my kitchen table! 

I also found these CUTE little vintage cups on Etsy for $8 for 4 and HAD to have them! I sit these in my studio beside my laptop...they make me smile every time I see them!

Some things I love about my succulents:
  • They don't require constant watering. 

I ALWAYS forget to water my plants. These are perfect! They store water in their leaves so they don't need constant watering!

  • They remind me of my Grandma Helen, she had these in pots outside. You know, the kind with holes in the side & the succulents hang out all over the pot? SO neat!
  • They are cute...I love cute things!
  • The leaves (or cuttings) will re root themselves! 
SO cool! I had a few leaves fall off, so I stuck them in a pot of soil & am hoping they re root & grow me another little succulent!

Do you have succulents? What are your favorite kinds?
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Natalie W said...

I used to have a mini catcus at my desk at work..but I think I killed it. When I switched cubicles I ended up just throwing it out because it looked dead to me. haha.

I want more though! And when I move at the end of the month to another city, I'm totally going to do this DIY project! I love plants, but the ones I tried to have on our balcony died and got covered in bugs pretty fast =( No green thumb for me!

I have a question..can you put them in the box without the little cups? Or is it better to have them in planters/cups? Just wondering if that's something Heather advised you to do. =)

Thanks for sharing this project with us!!

Jessica @ jessicaNdesigns said...

You are welcome!!

I actually did not put the little cups in the box...just the plants themselves. The little cups are separate. I have some in the box, on my table and some in the cups in my studio!!

When you do it, I would love to see yours!!!

Aubrey said...

Oh wow. Not only are your succulents so pretty...but wowzers your photos are beautiful too!
I finally just tried my hand at terraniums and love them, so I might have to give these a go too;)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

So, so cute!!!! I love them! :)

Property said...

Hello Jessica, I liked your succulents they are really cute to see. I like not only the succulents but also any kind of plants in the house. One of my aunt had a wide range of varieties of these succulents in her. It was really amazing to see them. Even I had some succulents in my garden as well. They are indeed very cute to have them in house. Real Estate Agent in North Carolina

Jamie said...

I love this idea, I think it will be fun to attempt with my toddler... now I just have to find something cute to transfer them into!

Jackie said...

I adore succulents! I will definitely do this DIY!


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