September 12, 2012

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Snag Free Hair Ties

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I saw these adorable hair ties while doing my weekly anthropologie browsing & decided it was time to make some of my own!

I have seen these snag free hair ties all over Etsy, and even received 2 in my love club box.  I am very much an "I can do that" kind of gal so I gave it a try!

Besides the fact that these hair ties are super cute & useful, I love that the supply list is very minimal. All you need is some pretty elastic, scissors and your 2 hands! Easy, cheap & FUN! 

I snagged my elastic from Pick Your Plum when they had it really cheap! Well, I thought it was cheap, but I don't buy much elastic, so I could have been ripped off.  I kid. I kid.

I definitely want to get some glitter elastic next time & make some sparkly hair ties!

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I cut my strips of elastic about 10" to give me enough room to tie the knots without stretching the elastic too much. If they ended up being too long, I snipped the end after I tied the knot.  

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  1. Take your cut elastic and match the 2 ends together.
  2. Wrap them around your finger.
  3. Tuck them in to make a knot.
  4. Pull your knot tight! 

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I have a thing for lace, so I love that these hair ties have a lacy look! So girly & fun! 

The best part is that they are better for your hair than regular hair ties.  They do not pull and snag my hair at all! So when I take them out, strands of hair don't come with them...MAGIC!

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Look how cute they look around your wrist! BONUS! 

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Now, show me what you got! 


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Melissa C said...

Such a fun and simple project. LOVE how they double as wrist eye candy. ;)

Beth @ the city said...

super cute! I love those elastics and I need to check out Pick Your Plum :)

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

cute! i need to make some :)

Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Love these! I featured this on my Handmade Gift Ideas!


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